The Mission to Seafarers

With the southern edge of Christ Church, Freemantle being on part of Southampton’s massive docks, members have a great regard for those who go down to the seas and occupy themselves in busy waters. Many parish members have also served at sea or in work connected with shipping, the docks and railways. Sea Sunday - the second Sunday in July - has a very special meaning in Freemantle when members of the parish Sunday School have a leading role in its celebration.

The Mission To Seafarers (Flying Angel) cares for seafarers of all nationalities and creeds in some 300 ports around the world. Working through a network of chaplains, lay staff and volunteers it offers seafarers a welcome, friendship, and practical and spiritual help. Of especial need is the provision of telephones when seafarers, who may only have a few hours in port, can contact loved ones and be assured of their happiness and well-being.

Christ Church gives 1% of its gross parish income to The Mission for seafarers. Parish members also knit balaclavas and mittens for use at sea.

Prayer for seafarers

Lord God, Creator of land and sea, bless those who work at sea. Be with them in fair weather and foul, in danger or distress. Strengthen them when weary, lift them up when down and comfort them when far from their loved ones. In this life, bring them safely to shore and, in the life to come, welcome them to your kingdom. For Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen

Link to The Mission to Seafarers web site

The Mission to Seafarers’ logo is often known as ‘The Flying Angel’ It is inspired by a verse from The Bible in the Book of Revelation -

"Then I saw an angel flying in mid-heaven with an eternal gospel (good news) to proclaim to those on earth, to every nation and tribe, language and people"