Rev Frederick Reeves

Frederick Giles Reeves was born in Wiltshire in 1895. He graduated from Wells Theological College in 1924 and was curate at Milford-on-Sea from 1924-1927. Formerly Rector of Pinxton in Derbyshire. Left in 1944 to become Vicar of Bursledon. He stayed in Bursledon til his death in 1957.

Southern Daily Echo, June 7, 1944


Farewell Presentation at Freemantle

Many friends and parishioners of Christ Church, Freemantle, Southampton, assembled in the Parish Church for a farewell presentation to the Rector, the Rev. F.G. Reeves, A.K.C., who is shortly leaving to become Rector of Bursledon.

The assistant priest, the Rev. H.M. Shearing, B.A., said that Mr. Reeves had been rector for nearly nine years and his ministry had been much valued. They would remember with gratitude, much that he had done, especially the beautifying of the interior of the church. The last few years had not been easy ones for Freemantle, yet the Rector was leaving the parish in a sound fininacial position, and with a surprisingly vigorous church life.

Councillor Stanley Foy (people's warden) said Mr. Reeves would be remembered in in Southampton not only as Rector of Freemantle, but also for his excellent work as Mayor's chaplain, chaplain to the local branch of the British Legion and chaplain to the Free Eye Hospital. The parishioners wished Mr. and Mrs. Reeves and their family every happiness in their new sphere of life at Bursledon.

Alderman F. Bath, O.B.E., J.P. (vice-chairman of the Parochial Church Council), also spoke in appreciation of the Rector's work in Freemantle.


The Mayor (Councillor R.J. Stranger, M.C.) said he himself was most grateful to Mr. Reeves for his work as Mayor's chaplain, especially for the many inspiring addresses which he had given on civic and national occasions. Though he and the parisioners of Freemantle were very sorry indeed to be losing Mr. Reeves, yet they all knew that at Bursledon he would find fresh scope for serving his God, his King and his country.

Mr. F. J. Stubbs (rector's warden) then presented Mr. Reeves with a cheque for 57 15s. 6d.

In a short speech of thanks, the Rector said he was deeply grateful for this generous act of the parisioners. As for the future he said that he hoped that he would have as many friends in Bursledon as he had had in Freemantle.