From the Rectory
November 2010

Resurrection - in November! Surely thatís an Easter thing. Well, of course resurrection is a daily occurrence. We focus on it particularly during the season of Easter when we remember the rising from the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ. But the world is full of stories and examples of resurrection. One which focused the minds of the whole world most recently was the rescue of the thirty-three trapped miners at the San Jose Copper Mine in Chile. Following an amazing rescue mission all 33 were brought safely to the surface to be reunited with their families and friends. From the deep tomb that had trapped them some 2,000 feet below the earthís surface, the rescue capsule gradually raised them to life on earth again. A really wonderful example of Godís love and mercy for his people and something that we, and indeed the whole world could give thanks for. A Good News story which made the headlines in the media instead of the usual bad news that can so depress us.

Psalm 23 - verse 4 ĎEven though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.í

Let us all give thanks to God for the happy outcome to what could, so easily have been a very sad story indeed. God was a good shepherd, he did not leave them in want.

Yours for Christ's sake.