From the Rectory
November 2007

The new calendar of social events and other special occasions for 2008 is now ready and will be included in the December magazine as a loose pull-out for you to keep. Thinking about our social plans for next year set me thinking about the ones that we've enjoyed so far this year. Finance and raising money has been the big issue over the past few months. Social events have helped enormously with our financial situation. Several thousand pounds will have resulted when the year ends. As well as much needed cash, we have all enjoyed ourselves. Visiting each other's gardens, playing skittles at the Ship Inn, a Beetle Drive, Exhibition of Crafts, an Auction-it's a long list.

As well as enjoying ourselves we have been involved and engaged with many others in the process. The money raised has not had to rely on just Church members, but has been drawn from across the parish. The Church here in Freemantle is not just a Church for Sundays, but a Church for the world and a building for use by the community. We've had a Food Hygiene course, Parenting classes, a wonderful Harvest lunch, and nine dogs barking and running about the place at the Pet Service!

Jesus taught his disciples to love their neighbours. Love them, share with them, get to know them and the whole community benefits. There have been some truly wonderful times of shared fun and laughter. Please continue to support the efforts of the social planning group; they only have your best interests at heart.

Remember those who pray together and play together stay together.

Yours for Christ's sake.