From the Rectory
October 2009

I have recently been reading a book entitled, 'The Parson Knows'. It contains excerpts from the journal of a country parson who worked in Dorset from 1948 - 1982. The Revd. Oliver Willmott logged all the goings on in his Parish for thirty-four years, even the gritty bits. What encouraged me was the fact that he struggled with parish finance and the upkeep of the building just as much as we do here today. He noted the following. "Everybody knows the cost of living, and of running a home, but few people realise, when they look at a peaceful country church, that that too is bedevilled by a cost of living". He also made the following comment about weddings in Church. "There were two weddings in March. The congregation of each occasion was large, and it was a pleasure to have them taking their part in the service reverently (alas, so often at big weddings the atmosphere is more akin to Saturday night music hall than church)". Both of the comments were made in the early 1960's. Not much seems to have changed with the passage of time; maybe we should all be comforted by the fact.


Many thanks to everyone for their generosity at Harvest-time. The gifts have been passed to the Basics Bank in Southampton for distribution to the needy. This year I also held a Harvest Festival at Paint Pots Nursery at the far end of Waterloo Road, quite a challenge with children of pre-school age. But I need not have worried, one little boy, just three years old told me all about his visit to a farm, where he saw a tractor and a pig. I recognised him, his name was Jacob and he used to come to Tick-Tock. The School Harvest festival will be held in Church on Tuesday October 6th. at 9.15a.m. They have to hold their Harvest Festival much later in order to teach the children something about it after they return from the summer holidays. This Service is open to everyone. Do come along and support them.


We will be having a Skittles evening in Church to raise money for Parish funds which are in a parlous state: Saturday 24th.October at 7.00p.m. [3.00 per head, just a bit of fun and social interaction] Please bring a contribution towards the American Supper and anything that you wish to drink: we will provide tea and coffee. A list will be put on the notice board so that you can indicate the nature of the food you can provide.

The conkers are falling as I write and the blackberries have the 'devil' in them as my mother-in-law used to say. The year draws on, but I always enjoy the autumn. There are so many delights in store at this time of the year, and so much to look forward too.

Yours for Christ's sake.