From the Rectory
October 2008

The first of the new style Family Services took place on Sunday 7th. September: 'A Service for the Whole Family of the Church.' The Service was written to mirror, in many ways, the Communion Service, in the hope that any new people might, if they come to Parish Communion, recognise enough of the content to feel at ease. The Service was designed to be both reverent and informal, not easy to accomplish. It was a learning curve for us all and several minor changes need now to be accommodated for future Services.

Shortly before the Service started, in fact with just minutes to spare we only had two children! Then God in his graciousness sent a couple of dozen more, along with their parents. He took us to the wire, but in trust led us forward. In the end we were full; about a hundred people. Gwen Kitcher who usually counts the congregation (did you know that?) lost count, the hundred is a close guess.

The seats had been rearranged, it was Harvest Festival, and complete with an Asda Shopping Trolley, which some kind soul left outside the Church, the worship commenced. After much planning, prayer and hard work by many people we seem to have been successful. It is in attracting new people, especially the young that we look to the future of our Church here in Freemantle with hope and encouragement. The proof of the pudding of course will be in whether or not we continue to attract new people.

I do thank everyone for supporting this new Service. It was, at least for me, a Godly experience, and at last we are taking the 'talk' about working with children and young families and making it a reality. The Harvest offerings were collected by the Basics Bank for distribution to the needy in Southampton, a whole trolley full.

Yours for Christ's sake.