August 2015

Not quite from the Rectory Dog Basket...

Angi asked me to write this month’s letter, and I’m very happy to, oh wait, was that a bird? Can I have a biscuit before I start? Where was I? Oh yes writing this, it doesn’t come easy to dogs, but Golden Retrievers are a superior breed, so I thought I could give it a try.

I’m slightly confused writing this in July and I know you’ll read it in August but I’m sure it will make sense.

One of the things that bugs me about humans is that they say things and they don’t really mean them. “We’ll go out soon” or “no you can’t get on the sofa” (hahaha). One of the things they are particularly bad about is this rest thing they make such a big deal about.

I hear them saying how important it is to have plenty of rest, and time doing fun things that relax your brain and your soul, and then they’re running around like headless chickens (not that I have ANY idea what a headless chicken does.. or even what one looks like…) I know that God wants us to rest (you do know that dogs are the animals closest to God don’t you, so I know these things, and I’ve sat in on bible studies and things like that as well, I’m quite qualified..) There’s loads in his book that the humans like to read, stuff about resting, being still, listening to God. He started off telling them to have one day completely clear in the week, just to be, and to spend time with him.

Jesus spent a lot of time disappearing off on his own, to pray or to rest.

Hmm… not sure you humans practice what you should do a lot of the time, you’re always busy, and you feel guilty when you sit down, or take time to do something fun. Dogs on the other hand, if we need rest, we just take it, if we want to play, we play. Some people say we’re lazy, but I like to think we’ve got our bark-life balance right.

So when you read this it will be August, schools are off, its holiday time, things quieten down a bit even if you are working. For lots of you it’s a time when there are opportunities to rest a bit more, do something life giving. I like chasing non-existent things round the garden, I know Angi likes sewing; it’s not about being lazy, but doing things that help you rest inside as well as out. It’s important, no dog likes a stressed human, and let’s be honest, no human likes a stressed human. I think we all only can live well if we rest well too.

There’s a reason they call them the Dog days of August I think…its time to be a bit more dog, and to do it knowing you’re doing what God wants too (and had you noticed God is Dog backwards… there must be a link in there somewhere.) That’s enough from me anyway, woofs and licks to you all and a restful Summer; See you all in September.


the (nearly) Rectory Dog