August 2012

From the Rectory

This year, because of the rather strange weather patterns of late, we seem to have been denied a ‘Summer.’ The lack of sun and opportunity to relax outside, to have BBQ’s or go to the beach means that we are all in need of something to brighten us up. We were all joyful during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We all enjoyed the Music and Art Festival. We were taken to the edge of our seats at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. But, throughout, the rain just kept coming. Now, in anticipation, as I write, we have the Olympic Games to hopefully raise our spirits.

It only ever rains outside. Here at Christ Church we bask in God’s Light and worship his Son every time we come to a service. So don’t be downhearted. If the weather is getting you down, come to Church and let the Light of Christ shine upon you.

Remember on 30th. September we have ‘Back to Church Sunday’ so bring someone with you and let them see the Son as well.

Yours for Christ's sake.