From the Rectory
August 2010

I am continually amazed at how wonderful and creative God is, so He should be perhaps, He is after all THE CREATOR of ALL THINGS. This summer has been so far quite delightful and gardens everywhere, despite the lack of rain, and the terrors of St. Swithunís Day (which have proved unfounded!) are looking lovely. At the rectory we have also had an unusual blossoming. Throughout July we have had the pleasures of Narcissi blooming in the garden. This is unusual indeed at this time of the year. Have any of you had strange things happening with the plants in your gardens?

We have also had a large gathering of stag beetles, male and female, nine in all so far, very exotic looking and as my neighbour discovered when one landed on her head, rather frightening. If God can make narcissi bloom in July and also created something as unusual looking as stag beetles, even more astounding considering its shape, make it fly, what else might he have up his sleeve.

God has been good in other ways as well. We have been very lucky to have been left a most generous bequest of £25,000. This came anonymously and completely out of the blue. This money has pulled us a little way back from the financial crisis that we were heading towards. The PCC, when it met recently, decided that we should take the opportunity to do some more work on the building, pointing and the restoration of the window in the South transept being the two most pressing identified in the last quinquennial report. Someone must be looking out for us. Letís all celebrate and give thanks to God from whom all good things come.

Yours for Christ's sake.