From the Rectory
July 2011

The Reader Reports...

Dear Friends,

At the time of writing this letter we have survived two weeks of Brian’s sabbatical without any disasters, so let’s hope and pray that we will continue in that vein.

My thanks go to the visiting priests who have helped us out so far. Nona Harrison, admitted to me after the service on 12th June that it was a while since she had celebrated a Eucharist. It certainly didn’t show! Terry Lane, certainly gave us something to think about on Trinity Sunday with his wonderfully simple explanation of the Holy Trinity. Terry will be with us on several more Sundays to come, and I look forward to some more sermons like that one. There will be a number of other visiting priests with us over the next couple of months so please come along and support them, as well as remembering them in your prayers.

I can not pretend to be a substitute for Brian, but please feel free to contact me if there is anything you need to talk about or discuss. I intend to be at most of the services at Christ Church but I am away on holiday for a couple of Sundays in July. I expect to be quite busy with Baptisms. So far I have three to take, and they are all double ones!! I think I shall have my hands full with those!!

July, of course, marks the beginning of the holiday season, and a time when many of us will have the opportunity for a few days away from work and our daily routine: a chance to find some time for relaxation and to recharge our batteries. It is always worth remembering that the word “Holiday” comes from “Holy Day” and that it is not only our physical batteries that need recharging from time to time, but our spiritual batteries as well. Holidays often provide an opportunity for prayer, meditation and bible study, and perhaps the chance to visit some ancient churches and cathedrals which can so often be a source of spiritual refreshment.

Whatever your plans for the summer might be, do have a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Best wishes

Malcolm Harper