June 2015

Not quite from the Rectory...

This time of the year isn’t traditionally a time for a fresh start; like many who have spent many years immersed in the academic calendar, June is for me the beginning of the gentle , (or more often frantic) slide to the imagined idyllic long summer (which of course we’re going to have, when it stirs itself). September is always more of a new year than January in my head, with all the trappings of new notebooks, pens and the feeling of that clean sheet beginning.

But life doesn’t always fit with this mental rhythm, and so it is, and with great joy and anticipation, that I am here at this time of year with a Beginning.

My licensing service on the 18th of May was a wonderful occasion, full of joy and blessing, friends old, and friends yet to be, and confirmed to me in so many ways what a wonderful thing it is to be here ( if not quite yet “here” in housing terms.) I’d like to take this opportunity to all of you who made it happen, who provided welcome and hospitality in abundance and gave all of us such a wonderful welcome to the parish.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be beginning the process to start our Parish Mission Action Plan, or pMap, something every parish in the diocese is doing this year. This will give us the opportunity to listen to what God is saying to us as a community about the way ahead, to listen to the community around us about their needs, and to listen to each other as we work out how these all join together to help us work together to serve God and those around us; Living the Mission of Jesus in Freemantle.

New beginnings bring challenges and opportunities, but at Pentecost we are reminded that when Jesus left his disciples with the challenge to go into all the world and make disciples he also gave them the gift of the Holy Spirit, the power and inspiration to be able to fulfil this commission. We do not face our challenges alone; we do not have to summon the strength and the vision by ourselves. This is the work of the Spirit in each one of us. As we are open to what God has for each of us and our community here, as we hear his call, we can be sure that he also equips us and strengths us to move on.

Every day is a new beginning, thanks to the grace and forgiveness of God & every day we can know the empowering of the Spirit as we listen, live and grow as the Body of Christ here.

This is my prayer as we begin our journey together. Will you join with me in it?

With love