From the Rectory
June 2011

From 6th June to 29th August your Rector will be on Sabbatical. During this time you will enjoy the company of a variety of ministers who have all agreed to come and take Services in my absence. Some you will know well, others - well, there are a few surprises in store.

Malcolm Harper will be around on most Sundays and his good offices will be available for your general enquiries and pastoral needs. The booking of Baptisms, Weddings and the calling of Banns of Marriage will be dealt with by Peter Greenland who will also circulate details for the weekly pew-sheet. Churchwarden Tony Kench will take Communion to those who regularly receive communion at home. Please let him know if you hear of anyone else who would like to receive Communion at home.

This is meant to be a time of reflection and refreshment for me; a chance to think about what the Lord might be asking me to undertake in his name in the future as well as considering all that has taken place in the past five and a half years since coming here, and indeed to take stock of the seventeen years since ordination and all that that has meant. This will also be for all of you, an opportunity to do without me! You may decide that you are better off with me out of the way, or perhaps absence will make the heart grow fonder. I wonder which it will be?

I will be away from the Rectory for quite a bit of the time, although Lys will still be there as will members of the family from time to time. I plan, as I have told you previously, to write a book during this time. A reflection on my experiences moving from the world of industry (I worked in the printing industry for thirty years prior to being ordained) into parish ministry. I will be writing this at my desk in the Rectory, so I will be able from time to time, when I am there, to look across the road so that I can remember all of you good folk, and reflect on what a privilege it is to be the minister here in Freemantle. Should there be an emergency, the Warden’s know when it would be appropriate to contact me. I hope that no such occasion will present itself. Enjoy the visiting ministers, and please support Malcolm, Peter, Tony and the PCC during this time. It could be a very creative and imaginative time for all of us.

Yours for Christ's sake.