From the Rectory
June 2008

Few people can fail to have been moved by the terrible plight of the Cyclone victims in Myanmar (Burma) recently. As if such a terrible natural disaster wasn't enough, the governing forces in that country seem willingly to want to make it more difficult for the suffering by blocking aid from around the world being distributed or even worse actually preventing it being landed in the country. Help is available, it simply is being denied to those who need it.

Very often such disasters, although we may be moved by the images that we see in the media fail to impact on us personally because they are distant and we do not know the people personally. When Susan Greenland spoke to us about a dear friend of hers in that country, it all became much more real. Susan said that she didn't know if Madam Tin Ma was safe or if she had been affected by the disaster. Susan received the following email that same day. The spelling is as it was written.

"Thanks for thinking and worried about us. We are safe and well. Yesterday we repaired our phone line. But our Rangoon is v bad, 90% of trees fell down. electricity is out of order. gas and petrol prices are up and we use diesel for generator. suburb area is suffering from storm, specially is delta area. many people died in flood. we have a bad luck. fortunately, we have tube well and generator, so we haven't problem. I received u parcel with 4 items. thanks for everything. luv, TIN MA"

Thank God it was from Madam TIN MA, favourable news. We can only pray for those less fortunate, the situation there continues to be desperate. The second natural disaster was the earthquake in China, the response was rapid and very focused, subsequently although thousands of people died many more were saved. The response of the two regimes couldn't have been more marked. Lesley Cunningham was in China when the earthquake struck and we held our breath not knowing whether or not she had been caught up in it. Again a personal contact bringing the plight of those people much closer to home.

When the PCC met on 13th. May the following were elected to office.

Vice-chair and Verger: William Green
Secretary: Pam Hounsom
Treasurer: Gwen Kitcher
Electoral Roll Officer: Peter Greenland
Child Protection Officer: Kaz Huxley
Health and Safety Officer: Richard Jacob
Gift-Aid Secretary: Helen and Craig Milne

Val Tucker was also co-opted onto the PCC.

Please remember all of these good people in your prayers, these are necessary, important and responsible jobs and they do them for you.

Yours for Christ's sake.