From the Rectory
June 2007

If you gather up all the recent problems that have beset our Church - the sanctuary ceiling collapse, the failure of the heating, and the demolition of the gate piers outside of the porch in Waterloo Road - you could be forgiven for feeling that we are under siege. There are also plans to update the toilets, fit a new cooker in the kitchen and replace the kitchen floor. Then there are plans to re-point the masonry and replace the guttering around the Church. It all seems to be about to overwhelm us - but fear not.

It's a bit like the swan, swimming majestically and calmly along the lake, apparently without effort, whilst underneath the feet are paddling for all they are worth. Things at Christ Church may look as if they have reached a standstill, but let me assure you things are moving. It's incredibly difficult when dealing with so many different agencies not to feel frustrated at just how long things take to get done. But one by one we will tick off the jobs as they are completed. The heating should now be up and running, and with a service agreement in place so it won't let us down again - I tremble to say that!

The architect has drawn up plans to rebuild the gate piers and move the wrought iron gates inside the porch, which will give better security. This work will need a faculty (the church's equivalent of planning permission.) Work on the toilets for the disabled should begin soon now. The faculty application for this rests with the Diocesan Registrar awaiting approval. The cooker, as I write, is about to be installed. This all takes time, and has taken a lot of my time. But I am a clerk in holy orders - so the clerking has to be done. Let's all be thankful for what is being done and supportively pray for what is being planned for the future.

Yours for Christ's sake.