From the Rectory
May 2011

On Sunday 10th.of April we held our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. The following were elected to office.

Churchwardens Ė Alan Judd and Tony Kench.

Deanery Synod Reps, William Green, Peter Greenland, and Craig Lawton.

Members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) Ė Gwen Kitcher, Elizabeth Coe, Donald Coe, Valerie Tucker, Pam Hounsom, Richard Jacob and Dilys Thomas.

We are all very grateful for their willingness to stand for the coming year. We hope it will be a God-filled year for all of us.

Stewardship - As most of you know the finances of this parish are in a parlous state, and have been for some years now. Through the PCC we are trying to do what we can to make things a little easier. We plan a Stewardship Campaign. This will be launched over the weekend of September 17th.-18th. We realise that to ask for money when the whole of Western Europe is in the grip of a financial squeeze is not very easy. But we will be criticised by the diocese and others, no doubt, if we do nothing. We may, I suspect, also be criticised for raising the ugly head of money yet again in the Parish. So we will be damned if we do and damned if we donít! The PCC has broad shoulders and we realise that it is our responsibility, and we take it seriously, to do something. We have tried to be a little more creative in our approach.

You will each receive a Stewardship pack over the summer months. Please read through its contents and think creatively about your response. Thatís all we ask. Obviously we hope to increase giving. But we will also be inviting you to perhaps sponsor a particular item for Church use. It will again contain information about Gift-Aid. We will be having an Open Weekend when the Church and its contents will be on display for all to see: Church Plate, Vestments and its history. We ask you to bring a friend. We hope to have some music and there will be a small display of artwork for sale. Refreshments will be available and people will be on hand to take you up the tower if you wish to go! We will let you come down again. A group of people will be around to act as stewards over the weekend. On Sunday we will have a celebration Eucharist when we will give thanks for all that we are and do and represent here at Christ Church, Freemantle. In the evening, preceded by a tea, there will be a celebration Songs of Praise. Please receive your pack in the spirit in which it is being sent. Do not simply put it to one side, but respond thoughtfully and prayerfully. We all need each others help and support in this venture.

On the 5th. of June this year the following change will be made to our Sunday worship. At 8.30a.m there will be a Service of said BCP Holy Communion. At 10.00a.m a Family Service. But in place of Evensong we will be joining Swaything Parish at 6.30 p.m for a joint Service of Sung Evensong at St. Albans Church. You may remember they came and joined us last year.

Please remember in your prayers as they are Confirmed by the Bishop of Southampton, The Rt. Revd. Jonathan Frost, our two candidates this year, Florence Fysh and Bridget England. The Service is at 10.00a.m on Sunday 8th. May.

During the months of June, July and August I will be absent on Sabbatical. During this one off chance for study I will be writing a book based on my experience of changing from the world of Industry to Ordained Ministry. During this time Administration will be covered by Mr. Peter Greenland. He will circulate details for the weekly pew-sheet, take bookings for Baptisms and Weddings and arrange the calling of Banns of Marriage. Please support him as he takes over this important area of the Parishís work whilst Iím away. The PCC and Churchwardens will also need your extra co-operation and support during this time as they steer the holy ship of Christ Church whilst Iím away. I know that we can all rely upon your good will and help. Iíll be back at the helm on Tuesday 30th. August.

Yours for Christ's sake.