From the Rectory
May 2010

Easter this year proved to be a very moving time for our Church. We enjoyed many different styles of worship, especially during Holy Week and I am very grateful to all who organised or took part. The Lent course also proved popular with about twenty-five participants over the two sessions. Next year we will again take a book of the Bible to pieces and look at it in detail, perhaps one from the Old Testament.†

The childrenís Easter Workshop was tremendous fun and well supported, I hope that we will be able to do this again during the school summer holiday period. Iíll give more details later. The Church is all about resurrection and new life at Easter and we had that in spades this year, with wonderful flowers and decoration in the Church, and with a baptism on Easter Day, what could be better, and a Church family to boot.

There was however a shadow cast by the death of baby Archie Boyce just before Easter. His parents, David and Sarah are wonderful parents and their gentle fortitude when faced with such a tragedy was an inspiration. The focus for them has been, not the death and sadness of his parting, but the joy of his birth and the great love that it brought them, albeit so brief. Where was God in that at Easter we might ask? At Easter most poignantly hanging on the cross. He was, I believe, right there with Sarah and David and their son Nathan and their family. God was also grieving their loss, and holding his arms of love around them. That is the Christian hope. It is also the eternal message of Easter. We mourn the death of Jesus in the assurance of the resurrection to eternal life. From death to new life in the hope that we can all move forward in Christian discipleship offering the hand of love and compassion to our neighbours, especially those in need. ††

Yours for Christ's sake.