From the Rectory
May 2009

Now that Lent, Holy Week and Easter have come and gone, and I have had an opportunity to reflect on all that happened in this parish during those weeks and to listen to what you have been telling me, I feel it would be good to share with you some of my thoughts.

The two Lent study groups catered for those who needed to meet in the evening because of other commitments and also those who felt that daytime was best for them. In total twenty five people followed the course, each group having its own dynamic, both, I hope, helping the participants to understand a little better some of the major festivals and events in the Churches calendar.

The Holy Week Meditations started off in the body of the Church with only a few people coming, which was a disappointment, however as soon as I moved it into St. Monica's Chapel we had to squeeze extra seats in!

Maundy Thursday was a success with over forty people sharing supper around the Lord's Table, and a chapel full, keeping vigil until ten p.m. Next year the Wednesday Service of Holy Communion during Holy Week will be moved to Maundy Thursday at 10.30a.m.This will enable those people to come to Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday who cannot come in the evening.

Good Friday Hour at the Cross brought the Holy Week worship to a stark conclusion. The bare Church always moves me, there is a beauty all of its own in the bare sadness of that day.

What a contrast on Holy Saturday. We had about seventy people, helpers, parents and twenty or so children for the Easter Workshop. Some of the grown ups are quite like children given the chance! Bread was made for Easter Day Communion. Eggs were decorated, biscuits made. Peter and Lynda arranged a wonderful music workshop, an enormous collage was put together, the Easter Garden put in place and lots of noise and chaos created. We ended with a brief act of worship. All great fun! And a huge thank you to the many people who came and either supported it or helped to plan and run it. We will be doing it again at Christmas and I hope perhaps we might get one in for Harvest as well. Please let me know if you would like to help with future Activity Days.

With the Tick-Tock Parent Toddler Group, the Family Service and now these Activity Days I believe we are doing all that we reasonably can to encourage children and families to come and join us at Christ Church, Freemantle.

Easter Day was such a joy. Singing Alleluia! was a truly fitting acclamation. The numbers overall were up this year: we also had families and children from the previous Activity Day who came to be with us, and the Songs of Praise rounded it all off beautifully. Having had a bad cold for the whole of Holy Week, Monday was a welcome break, I hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holy-Day as well.

Yours for Christ's sake.