From the Rectory
March 2008

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting the following were elected to office.

Alan Judd - Churchwarden

Gwen Kitcher - Churchwarden

PCC members - Lizzie Kitcher, Donald Coe, Lesley Cunningham, Peter Greenland (Deanery Synod Representative), Pam Hounsom, Richard Jacob, William Green (Deanery Synod Representative), Susan Greenland, Dilys Thomas, Tony Kench, Kaz Huxley, Sarah Skittrell, Craig Milne, Helen Milne, Andrea Allam.

My sincere thanks to the above for agreeing to serve the Church in the coming year.

It is with sadness that we had to say goodbye to Peter Gould at the end of April. Peter has been Organist and Choir Master here at Christ Church for some years. His skill and expertise with the music, and his nurturing of the choir has been a delight for all. Lynda, his wife, will also be leaving us after many years working with the Crèche and Sunday School. We wish them every blessing in the next step of their journey. Incidentally they are both willing to continue with their work with the Tick-Tock Parent Toddler Group and with the music in school - so we will continue to be in touch with them and be blessed by their presence.

We have been fortunate to secure the services of a new Organist and Choir Master to follow on from Peter - Craig Lawton. Some of you might recognise him; he conducted the Black Box Ladies Group when they came to sing here. We wish him every blessing as he leads us forward musically and hope that he feels your warm welcome, prayers and encouragement.

Yours for Christ's sake.