April 2013

From the Rectory

During Lent, Holy Week and Easter, Christians undertake a remarkable journey of faith. It takes us from the darkness of Winter into the light of Spring; from the darkness of Jesusí final moments on earth through his suffering and death and out into his glorious resurrection. Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed, Alleluia!

But of course our journey continues. There is throughout the Christian world a feeling of renewal and hope for the future of the Church. The Roman Catholic Church has elected a new Pope. As I write a new Archbishop is being enthroned in Canterbury Cathedral. We pray for their respective ministries and for a growing commitment towards unity between these two great arms of the Christian faith.

Locally, the Revd. Jenny Walters has been appointed Assistant Curate to St. Mary Extra (Peartree) and Woolston. She will be licensed on Monday 29th April by the Bishop of Southampton in St. Maryís Church, South Stoneham. We wish her every joy in her new ministry there and remember fondly her time in Freemantle. After leaving Freemantle Jenny went to work in Thornhill Parish with Revd. Geoff Annis, now Bishop of Stafford.

Many thanks to all those who completed their applications to be included on the revised Churches Electoral Roll and who submitted Annual Reports; my thanks also to those who offered to stand as members of the Parochial Church Council for the coming year. We all need to be grateful for their generosity of spirit in giving generously of their time and talents. Itís all too easy to criticise those who serve; endlessly finding fault does not help, neither is it Christian. So how about a round of applause for all that they do. They are a remarkable group of people and my work here would be much more difficult if I did not have their support and encouragement.

It is with sadness that we say good bye to Mr. Alan Judd as Churchwarden. Sadly, Alanís eyesight continues to cause him concern and he can no longer fulfill his responsibilities as he would wish. We will all miss him sitting at the back and keeping an eye on things. However we will still see him in Church regularly as thatís the stature of the man.

Yours for Christ's sake.