April 2012

From the Rectory

The Church of England is facing considerable change at the moment. The present Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has announced his intention to retire at the end of this year after ten years in office. He will take up a post in academia as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge in January 2013.

General Synod is also coming to the end of discussions about the consecration of women as Bishops. In 1994 it agreed after long and difficult, not to say divisive debate, to ordain women to the priesthood, and in July of that year the first women were ordained Priest in the Church of England. The end of the world did not come, as some predicted!

Now the debate about ‘Gay’ marriage is grabbing the headlines. Since those first Disciples of Christ took up their crosses and followed their Master, change, division, criticism and challenge has been a factor in the lives of every Christian since Jesus died and rose again from the dead. We could all buckle under the strain, but our faith in Christ crucified carries us through. Provided we remain steadfast in the faith, nothing that the Church or Synod or anything else in all creation will come between us and our God. I urge you all to keep praying with the assurance that God will be at your side every step of the way.

We are on the threshold of Easter and resurrection and new life in Christ is before us. I pray God will bring to all of you a Holy, Blessed and Joyful Easter this year; a year when we will be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and be the host nation for the Olympic Games. Wonderful occasions for national celebration, but when compared with the joy of Easter and the legacy of God’s Son Jesus our Redeemer, well, I leave you good and faithful servants of the Lord to ponder that.

Yours for Christ's sake.