From the Rectory
April 2009

One of the problems I face when writing for the magazine is the fact that with Church festivals I often have to write weeks before the event. It's the third week of Lent and I'm writing about Easter, new beginnings and Resurrection. It's a bit like coming to the tomb on Easter morning and arriving too early, before events have been given a chance to unravel, and finding the body still there.

Easter is a wonderful time of the year. The days are gradually getting longer, the weather, certainly as I write is warming up considerably and there is an abundance of spring flowers and shrubs coming into bud. This is a time of new beginnings. But they all need the time and space to develop if they are to reach their potential.

We will shortly have a newly elected PCC and one of their first tasks will be to rethink our parish's approach to Mission. We will be having an Away Day with guest speakers and hopefully at the end be in an informed position to decide how we move forward in this area. A Church that is thinking about Mission is a healthy Church. We are going out of the parish for this for a whole day so that we too might have the time and space to think through our strategy and approach in an uninterrupted way. This is such important work, vital for any Church if it is to move forward in any meaningful way. And furthermore it's not about buildings or maintenance which is refreshing. The day is designed to inform and encourage us to look forward in faith into the world which needs our Christian presence, input and witness.

Mission isn't only about supporting charities though, it's about our every day approach to being Christian. Everything we do as Christians is an act of mission. It starts with worship and prayer, it involves loving our neighbours and looking out for the lost. For us here in Freemantle it involves everything we do as a Church. Supporting charities is good, but mission also involves things like the Tick-Tock Parent Toddler Group, all of our social events, when we walk along Waterloo Road, go into the shops or stop to admire someone's garden or dog. They are all chances to 'be' Christian, to walk with Christ, to speak his name or simply to know that wherever we are or wherever we are going, we go with him.

May God walk with you this Springtime, may the Holy Spirit encourage you this Easter and may the Lord Jesus Christ inspire you to do his work.

Yours for Christ's sake.