From the Rectory
April 2008

It's spring!

The year is truly marching on, in the Rectory garden wildlife is in abundance. We have a fox who lives in Lakeside Park and frequently sits outside of the garage door cleaning itself. I witnessed a very large grey rat running along the driveway! There are field mice, a toad in the fishpond and the following birds: a Jay, a green woodpecker, pigeons, collared doves, starlings, 2 pairs of robins, blackbirds, a whole flock of greenfinches and magpies. Not so much a dawn chorus as bedlam, and whilst it's still dark!

It's time to get the garden in order, and so much is already beginning to grow. Springtime is a wonderful time of the year, so much expectation for the months to come. So much to look forward too. Easter came early this year and so does our longing for warm weather and summer. Easter also brought with it the spiritual longing for a fresh start and new beginnings. Our faith has survived the dark winter months and the privations of Lent, from now on it's only a matter of enjoying all that God provides for us. God is good. When you look around at all that is beginning to happen in the gardens, parks and hedgerows at this time of the year, give Him the glory and be thankful.


An all day meeting was held on Thursday 13th March at Southampton Central Baptist Church to move the proposed Street Pastor Scheme in Southampton to its next stage. Twenty one Churches in Southampton sent representatives, along with City Councillors and members of the City Police.

There was much discussion and a great deal of good will together with a willingness to take part. Initial funding was also pledged. Representatives of the Ascension Trust, who arrange the necessary training and ensure its integrity, spoke about other schemes around the world. The latest being in Fair Oak, nr Eastleigh, the first Street Pastor Scheme for a rural community in the world, it made front page news in the Southern Daily Echo. From this meeting we would seem to have enough people to make it a reality.

If you are interested in supporting this new and exciting initiative for our city, either by training as a Street Pastor or as part of the support team, for example as a Prayer Pastor, please speak to me. It would be good to have someone from Freemantle other than its priest involved, after all many of the young people who visit the city centre, and need such a scheme, come from this parish.

Yours for Christ's sake.