March 2013

From the Rectory

March winds doth blow and we shall have snow. So the rhyme goes. Well, we have had wind and snow but despite the disruption, you good people still managed to get to Church. Airports, ferries and trains came to a standstill, schools, shops and offices closed, but the Church carried on. Nothing prevents worship in the Church of England. Bless you for your perseverance and faith.

Hopefully, by the time that you read this the weather will have started to improve. The days are gradually getting lighter, and spring is just around the corner. Snow drops are in bloom, as I write, outside of the porch in Waterloo Road and violets flower in profusion by the choir vestry door.

Lent is usually thought of as a time of denial, of giving something up that you enjoy, as a penance. It is also a time for reflection, a chance to read Scripture and to think about the many aspects of being a Christian in a world that increasingly focuses on the secular, an opportunity to set aside some time perhaps to pray, to engage with this particularly meaningful season and its climax at Easter.

Whatever you do I pray that it will deepen your relationship with God and his Son Jesus Christ, and bring you peace.

Yours for Christ's sake.