From the Rectory
March 2011

What a long hard winter it’s been so far. But there are signs that spring is on the way. Bulbs are bravely showing their potential and buds are appearing on trees and shrubs. All hinting at what glories are to come.

There is much to look forward to in the coming months. Lent, Holy Week and then the great celebration of Easter. Remember also to keep an eye on the Parish Social Calendar and join in as many activities as you can. Your presence encourages us all and helps to keep Parish Funds in good order.

In the Lent Course this year we will be looking at the Prophet Isaiah. There will be four sessions in all. Wednesday afternoon at 2.00 p.m. and Wednesday evening at 7.30 p.m., both groups meeting in the George Lee Room, bring a Bible with you, we look forward to some lively discussions and debate. A list for names of participants is on the Noticeboard at the back of the Church.

During March there are some notable festivals.

1st. March is St. David’s Day, David or Dewi to give him his Welsh name was the son of the chieftain Cardigan. The traditional dish to eat on St. David’s Day is leeks or you could wear one in your lapel if you can put up with the smell!

On 17th. March we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In Ireland it’s a public holiday, people wear shamrock, less smelly than leeks! In Ireland the day is commonly considered to herald the coming of spring.

On the 19th. March we celebrate St. Joseph’s Day; Joseph the husband of Mary and foster-father to the Holy Child. In Italy doughnuts are the food for the day. Take a break from Lent and treat yourself to a doughnut. Joseph is invoked by those seeking husbands; perhaps they have more luck if they proffer a dish of doughnuts. Finally on 25th. March, Lady Day, we celebrate the Annunciation, the day on which Mary was told she was going to be the mother of the world’s Redeemer. Why 25th. March, well it’s exactly nine months before Christmas Day - Christ’s birthday.

Have a happy and holy March.

Yours for Christ's sake.