From the Rectory
March 2007

Services for Holy Week and Easter

A Series of Meditations Monday 2nd. April, at 7-30pm
Tuesday 3rd. April, at 7-30pm
Wednesday 4th. April, 7-30p.m
Thursday 5th. April - Maundy Thursday - 7-30pm. Holy Communion and re-enactment of the Last Supper. This service will include a simple meal, please add your name to the list at the back of the Church so that catering arrangements can be made. We will aim to finish by 9-00p.m.

Friday 6th. April - Good Friday
11-00a.m. Churches Together in Shirley - Act of Witness at Shirley Precinct.
1-00p.m-3-00p.m - Service at the Cross in Christ Church.
There will be no Service of Compline on Holy Saturday.

Easter Day - 10-00a.m. Parish Communion and Easter Egg Hunt.
3-00p.m - Holy Baptism.
6-30p.m - Sung Evensong with the extended anthem ' Buxtehude'

The Thief at the Cross - Pam Gidney

So here we are, the three of us
Strung up on a hill-top to die:
The thief, the murderer and the holy one.
I've heard of him, of course.
Hasn't everyone around here?
His revolutionary teaching, his miracles.
The scribes and Pharisees hate him
For questioning their hide-bound ways,
All their petty rules and regulations.
It seems he was trying to show them
A new and better way.
But it wasn't their way,
So they plotted to kill him.

Now here he is.
Sharing our excruciating pain.

The murderer lifts his head, taunting him.
"If you are the Son of God," he says,
"Save yourself - and us."
"Stop that!" I cry. "We deserve to be here -
But what evil has he ever done?"
I turn to Jesus. "Lord," I say,
"Remember me
When you come into your kingdom."
He turns his head and looks at me,
Love and compassion shining from his eyes.
"This day," he says, "You'll be with me
in Paradise."

The pain doesn't lessen,
But somehow in my heart is peace
And resignation and a quiet hope
That what he says is true,
That this is not the end.
With him.

I will believe.
I know that it is true

Lent and Holy Week can be both challenging and exciting emotionally for those who travel faithfully through the services. Easter Day is a time of great celebration when we are all ready to shout Alleluia, Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed, Alleluia! Both Lys and I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter.