February 2012

From the Rectory

This year, 2012, will be a tremendous year for Great Britain. We will celebrate Her Majesty the Queenís Diamond Jubilee, host the 2012 Olympic Games and commemorate the centenary of the launching and subsequent sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic. These are a unique set of events and we will be marking all of them here at Christ Church, Freemantle. I cannot imagine that any of us will ever see another Diamond Jubilee or host another Olympic Games in this country, at least in our lifetime. And I pray that there will never be another disaster like that of the Titanic.

We will mark each one of these events with a special act of worship commending each event to God and asking for his love and blessing on all involved. More information will be forthcoming as we work out the details of each.

Our neighbouring school will also be marking these special events at Services in our Church. They plan to re-enact the Coronation on Thursday 31st. May at 9.30a.m. This celebration will be open to anyone who wishes to come from the Church. On Friday 13th July at 9.15a.m the school will celebrate Sport and the Olympic Games and again this service will be open to all Church members. They will also be holding a special Assembly in School to mark the Centenary of the Titanic. It should prove to be a most memorable year for all concerned.

When the Church is so strapped for cash itís difficult to think of ways to celebrate these memorable events without involving spending too much money. Here are some ideas. Everyone who comes to Church in the coming months will be photographed by William Green. We will then ask each person to write a paragraph about themselves, a slip of paper will be provided for this. These will then be put into an album which will provide a snap-shot of this Parish during Jubilee Year and also be an invaluable historical archive for the Parish. The Sunday School children will be asked to draw a picture of the Queen at her Coronation and these will be put together and sent to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace, thus involving all of the children. It has also been suggested that we prepare a celebration Altar Frontal which will include as many names as possible sewn into the design. This can be used for special services. There may be other ideas but these will involve very little expenditure yet still mark this special Jubilee Year and provide tangible evidence of the life, witness and worship of our Church and Community.

Of course, amid all of this celebration and commemoration, our Church life goes on day by day and week by week. We celebrate the notable, but what is really important is our continued worship and Christian discipleship as individuals. We help to make up the network of Christians that reach right around the world. That active network under-girds everything else. Itís what makes the world go around. At the centre of all that we do as Christians should be the command to love our neighbours as ourselves. It is within this framework of Christian love that we will place all of our plans for this coming year. God loves us without condition and we should do the same to our neighbours. Perhaps that would make a good, albeit somewhat belated New Year resolution to make and keep. In the mean time if you have any artifacts relating to any of these events and would be willing to have them displayed in Church please let me know. The first service will be a Eucharist on Thursday 10th April at 7.30p.m - The date that the R.M.S. Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton. The ship would almost certainly have been visible from the Church. The sinking was briefly mentioned in the May edition of the Parish Magazine in 1912.

Yours for Christ's sake.