From the Rectory
February 2011

I hope that you all have had a most happy and enjoyable Christmas and that the New Year will bless you richly. The Church looked particularly beautiful this year and I do thank and congratulate everyone who helped to make it so. It proved to be a most fitting backdrop for our celebratory worship, all coming to a musical finale with the New Year concert which our Musical Director Craig Lawton organised.

This year will have its ups and downs Iíve no doubt and many of us will be challenged at some point. But with Godís ever present help and the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can all step bravely into this New Year.

At the end of each year I have to complete the year end statistics for the diocese. This is something required of all parishes in the Anglican Communion. It is a task that does not exactly fill me with joy, but as I am a clerk in holy orders, the clerking has to be done. Here are some of the statistics highlighted in the returns.

Number of the Electoral roll- 128
Baptisms - 1 year and under- 10
1 year - 12 years- 5
Adults - 1
Weddings- 5
Funerals in Church - 5
Cremation Services - 19
Easter Communicants 89
Number in Church for all Easter Day services 169
Christmas Communicants 121
Number in Church for all Christmas Day Services 199

These numbers are up on last year and they seem to have been in most parishes. We should all be encouraged by this.

The social and fund raising programme has now been published and I invite you all to support as many of the planned events as possible. In this way we hope to raise funds for the work of the Church. We will also be having another Stewardship Campaign later this year. Itís a bore, I know, but if we donít make an effort and try to go that extra mile in this respect our future may be bleak indeed. Having said that I do thank each and everyone of you for all you already do. What would we do without you?

Please start preparing your Annual Reports for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday April 10th. Copy to the Rectory please.

Yours for Christ's sake.