Rev John D'Arcy Warcop Preston

Revd John D'Arcy Warcop Preston

John D'Arcy Warcop Preston, the second Rector, was born in 1824 in Askham Bryan, Yorkshire, the son of Rev. John D'Arcy Jervis Preston, M.A. and Elizabeth Spence. He was from a seafaring and clergy family, his grandfather was Admiral D'Arcy Preston of the Royal Navy. He had one brother who was a major in the Army, another was Rear Admiral and three of his sisters married clergymen.

He married Emily Anne Augusta Brownlow, the daughter of the Revd John Brownlow in 1858. After graduating from Worcester College, Oxford in November 1845, John D'Arcy Preston became an Army Chaplain, serving in the Crimea for several years (posted in Scutari and Kulalee), even though the strain had weakened his health.

When he became Rector of Freemantle in 1871, he was 47 years old, and brought his wife Emily and two children to the newly built Rectory. His son Arthur was born in Freemantle in the same year and two more children were born during his time in the parish.

One of the first projects John D'Arcy Preston was involved with was the building of a tower and spire for the church, which was completed in 1875. He also oversaw the extension of the school buildings in the 1880s. In the 1881 census, we find him living at the Rectory with his wife Emily, three children and three servants.

He was instrumental in getting a mission church built and St Monica's Mission Church was built and dedicated by the Bishop of Guildford on September 24th, 1891.

John D'Arcy Preston left Freemantle in 1892, and retired, aged 68. He died in 1901 in Folkestone aged 77.