Rev Ian Firmstone

Formerly curate at North Stoneham, the Revd Ian Firmstone, moved to Christ Church in 1988 where he spent a considerable amount of his time restoring the church building. In 1989, the damaged East Window was finally taken away for renovation and the old and crumbling Rectory at 125 Payne’s Road was sold and demolished to make way for a new Rectory a few doors away (129 Payne’s Road). The church roof was replaced in 1990 after it had been badly damaged due to severe gales and the east window and windows in the choir vestry began to be restored. The scaffolding eventually came down from around the church in Spring and Summer 1991 After setting most of the work in motion, the Revd Firmstone left Freemantle in 1990 to go to Littleport, Cambridgeshire.