Children and young people are shaped by the communities they live in, and by the people who surround them. Their prospects can become bleak when these influences let them down.
The Children’s Society concentrates its resources on tackling the root causes of the problems these children and young people face.

Of all our supported charities The Children’s Society has the greatest support, with home collection boxes, street collections during Children’s Society Week and when carol singing in Freemantle, plus a donation from total parish income.

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Disabled children without a voice

Exclusion, ignorance and disrespect mean that many disabled children are allowed little control over their own lives and disabled children placed away from home are four times more likely to be physically or sexually abused. We ensure that individual disabled children are given a voice in the decisions that affect them, not just now but in the future.
Runaway children at risk on the streets

Neglect, abuse and isolation can sometimes make home so unbearable that the only solution is to run away. Each year in the UK, 100,000 children run away from home and many resort to begging, stealing or prostitution to survive. We meet these children at their point of greatest need, helping them find solutions to the problems they face.
Children in trouble with the law
Bullying, violence and deprivation - exposed to terrors like these, it's not surprising that some children are driven to crime. We seek lasting solutions to the reasons behind the statistics, providing preventative support and guidance that leads children away from the cycle of crime and custody.
Refugee children facing exclusion
War, persecution and torture force many children to flee on their own to this country. We help them find accommodation. We help them with language barriers. We help them into education. We help them rebuild their lives in new communities, surrounded and supported by friends.