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A community of mission service; pioneering mission for over 200 years. Encouraging people to live a mission lifestyle, equipping people in mission service, sharing resources for mission work. CMS has been supported by Christ Church for many years and also has a CMS link mission partner – currently The Revd Ben Enwuchola of The London Nigerian Chaplaincy. Primarily in Lent both the Parish and Freemantle First School raise funds for CMS projects ranging from education to healthcare and preaching the Gospel in different ways.

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A 21st-century Slavery Story
James Pender relates the story of a young Bangladeshi girl who was sold into sex slavery in an Indian brothel.
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Stories from the CMS mission magazine available.
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Updated 9 September 2007

Join a CMS sponsored challenge

Taking part in a CMS sponsored challenge is a life-changing experience. As well as experiencing some of the best that nature has to offer, you’ll also get the chance to meet CMS partners and see them in action. More importantly, you will be helping to share Jesus and change lives around the world.

CMS in Mid-Africa

At the heart of CMS’s ministry in mid-Africa is a passion to reveal the love of Christ for all people.

The CMS Mid-Africa region includes Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and south-west Uganda.

Working hand in hand with the Church in the region, CMS provides people in mission, grants, scholarships, prayer, friendship and networking. In the process we discover more of God than we ever would have learned alone.

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