Revd Angi Nutt

Angi was born in SW London in a year that England has never seen the like of again.But, growing up near Twickenham and with a Scottish Borders heritage it was inevitable though that it was rugby rather than soccer that played a part in her life!

She managed to achieve A Levels despite the distraction of the Harlequins team training and playing next door at The Stoop, and at university played a little rugby but mostly cricket alongside her history degree.

The world of work meant more teaching than playing, but the school was rather conveniently located half a mile from Twickenham Stadium and The Stoop. It is however on record that the children learnt actual Maths and English too and didnít just leave primary school with a wicked drop kick, sewing skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of the Tudor Era.

In 1993 Angi swapped half her timetable to work as a Youth Worker at St. Stephenís East Twickenham. Here she met Tim, and heard Godís call to ordained ministry (sheíll tell you both stories if you ask!).

Angi trained for ordination in Salisbury and has served her curacy in Totton and Copythorne. Her interests still include (watching) Rugby, (despite Harlequins and Scotland having had less than stellar seasons), reading and music of all genres. Any spare time is usually taken up with some sort of creative textile or other art project. The pursuit of the perfect coffee and the perfect G&T in the company of friends is still ongoing!

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