Supported and sustained by the churches and driven by the Gospel, Christian Aid is inspired by the dream of a new earth where all people can secure a better and more just future. Christian Aid’s purpose is to expose the scandal of poverty and to contribute to its eradication. The organisation strives to be prophetic, challenging the systems and processes that work against the interests of those who are poor or marginalised. Christian Aid recognises that change will only come about as a movement is built of individuals who are committed to a better world for all, bringing their faith and talents, their energy, their influence, their gifts and their actions, to achieve what should surely be possible.

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Christian Aid’s firmly states that ‘we believe in life before death’. And although its primary thrust is to make nations self-reliant, wherever in the world there is a humanitarian disaster, such is currently happening in southern Africa where millions are threatened by starvation; Christian Aid is at work often in association with CAFOD - the Roman Catholic relief agency.

Christ Church, Freemantle fully supports the mission by support for Christian Aid Week, weekly giving in church for votive candles, and 2% of gross parish income.

If you are a member of the parish, or are considering joining, please help us during Christian Aid Week - in addition to other support such as the Community Fayre. With more assistance we can cover all the roads in Freemantle.

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